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wow its been a while   
05:49pm 09/09/2011
  It's been a long time since i posted here, I'm mostly on Facebook now but I do still want to keep this journal so many memories.

Ok so David and I have been Married 1 year and 10 months.  Today we have been toghter for 5 years ! We moved out of our rent house and bought a house in a nice little subdivision. We have two cats, about to foster a third. Had two birds but sadly one passed away : ( and a adorable loveable corgi pup Named Zoey. She is a little over 1 years old and my heart!! She loves chasing the cats, playing fetch, eating popcorn, peanutbutter, barking at invisiable creatures, and popcorn. We hope to breed her with my stepbrothers corgi in a year or so. We don't want to breed her to sell puppies or create a puppy mill...but just to have some puppies around.

Ive quit my job at the daycare and I'm trying to be a good homemaker..i may not always be good at it..but i do try. I'm getting slightly better at making meals and cooking but i'm no were near great yet.

And lastly but most certianly not leastly we are pregnat with our first child!!  I'm due for a little boy on January 25 of this year! We are naming him David Patrick but calling him Davey. I am so excited I have been collecting cute boy outfits and toys and reading him at least one book aday, We are kicking around right now lol. As anxious as I am to have him here I am terrified of the labor.but i guess i'll just deal with it when the time comes. WE are both so happy to have him because a year ago i was pregent but had a miscarrige within the first two months . So Thank you God for my son back.

well I gotta go hope everyone is doing good!
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07:01am 25/02/2010
  i'm waiting for something to finish downloading and while i wait i'd figure i'd update a bit.

Valentimes day was very nice, David and I went out to chili's saturday night, and sunday night we cooked shrimp and steak. David was gonna grill them but his grill was really dirty so we did it on the stove. We watched  Caddy Shack and had chocolate chip cookies. yum yum! I got him the dancing gopher from the movie, and he got me a box of chocolates and a picture of a sunrise from the day of our wedding. This guy in florida goes and takes beautiful pictures of a sunrise over the beach everymorning and then sells the prints. So all in all a very good heart day.

We are curently in the processes of buying a house. right now we are in the negotioation stage..but i think it will all work out. The house is in the jefferson terrace neighborhood. btwn jefferson hwy and bluebonnet rd. I've got pictures posted on my facebook if anyone wants to see. Though I do like the house we are in now, its very cozy, cute and reminds me of my first house as a kid. We need more room for one. We still have wedding prestents we havent unpacked cause there is no room for them. Also I want something thats ours not something rented. And I cant get a dog till we get a house of our own.

Work has been going ok, I finnally moved to part time. I work full days monday, have off tuesday, work from 7:30-til 12:30 on wed and thurs and then friday is a full day but the kids go home early on friday so thats good too.

well thats it i need to go finish getting ready

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10:05pm 10/01/2010
  Ok I know its been a while so let me think.....

Christmas was very nice, David and I got a lot of great things. I think my favorite thing was the faery art book and fairy placq and my kitty Reese from david and the christmas ornaments from when i was a kid from my dad. I think David's favorite thing was his fire pit. We spent christmas eve at my grandparents then when to his parents house for christmas day, it was nice, sitting around talking, watching his nephew open presents for the first time.

New years David set up his fire pit and invited a bunch of people ( he actually said he was gonna do it at christmas) and we were planning to have hotdogs and smores. and No one came. It was dissapointing but it was still kinda nice stitting with him and having smores. Still wished people could of come. COME ON ITS FUCKING SMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A TOASTY FIRE!!

Friday I got the day off from work cause all the schools were closed. It was nice getting to sleep in. maybe it will happen again lol

Last of all my birthday was today and it has been very nice. We were gonna have everyone over saturday for a Barbaque and fire pit, got the  house all cleaned and bout the middle of the week it gets canceld. David and I were annoyed but whatever. We did go saturday to see Sherlock Holms. VERY GOOD. I love my husband for taking me. Then we went to a sushi place in the outermall area and i didnt get sushi.I  know i'm bad, i like sushi...a little bit..but i like there noodles more. So we got that and then I got to go barns and noble and got a book and a pink elephant. What can i say I LOVE EM!! I havent named him yet so i need ideas. I have one small pink elephant in my car named Tipsy, and another one named Sake so give me some ideas!




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new years   
12:38am 01/01/2010
  Happy new years everyone!

mine was spent cooking hotdogs and smores with david using his new fire pit that he got for christmas.

The funniest thing i heard to kick off the new year was my husband telling our boy cat Reese to stop licking our girl cat Little Girl's butt.
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11:19am 08/12/2009
  First of all the wedding went beautifully well, if you go to



you can see some of the pics. some of them are a reapeat and myspace is being dick so sorry. i hope to organize it later and get the proffesional pics up later.

The morning of the wedding was pretty good. A girl named Pebbles did our make up (no I am not joking about the name) and David's cousin Jessica did our hair. Both did a fantastic job.
I wasn't too jittery but i was very excited. i did get a little nervous walking down the aisle.
When we were at the alter the back of my throught started tickling and i had a huge urge to cough. Not a good thing when you are in front of a 150 people. I managed to let out a few little coughs and that helped. The sweetest thing was david got emotional when he was saying his vows. My heart just swelled up with love for him.

The reception was a lot of fun, didnt get a chance to eat because I would go two steps and someone would want a picture or talk to me. I did get my ice cream with sprinkles. i was willing to kill for that lol. We also did the money dance, cutting of the cake, throwing of the flowers and garter belt. And the Hokey Pokey, cause its what its all about yo.

On the way out people threw birdseed which was actually kind a painful cause some people think its a baseball game, not a wedding. Some of the seeds ended up in our hair.

At the hotel David and i were standing in line waiting to check in and a lady comes up behind us and says "oh did you just get married?" I'm still in my wedding dress.....

After we settled in the room we went to applebee's for dinner since we didnt get a chance to eat at the reception.

We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. It was really nice, The hotels here are beautifully decorated for christmas. And i got a lot of good pics that i hope to upload later. We flew in a helecoptior to the grand canyon. i liked the grand canyon did not like the chopper. We also saw a burlesque show filled with topless dancing girls. It was nice. Also went to Circuse Deluse (sp?) and saw KA. FANTASTIC! Went and saw Terry Fator, got a dvd for david's dad and got him to sign our ticket stubs. That night we also ran into Ron White. It was nice getting to shake his hand. I had breifly thought about asking for a pic, but decided not to be that rude of a fan. And last but not least we got to see robin Willams live. He was funny..but not as funny as usaul, i did enjoy the show though.
We went driving in the mountains, and rode up the eiffle tower, not to mention all the site seeing and shopping.

Well thats it for now to day we come home and back to work tomorow morning. I've had a fun time and don't want to go back to work but i miss my house, my kitty and my birds. Plus i do miss my kids from work.

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I don't care that your gone   
01:46pm 02/12/2009
  I ment to do this yesterday but I forgot the date.

I don't care that your gone, Happy Birthday Rupert!!!! From your fave lil sis Mage. I miss you so much buddy!
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Mrs Lara Alost Perrin   
10:44pm 28/11/2009
  I am now a married woman married to a wonderful man. The wedding was awsome and will give more details later. Thanks to all my friends and family. I love ya'll

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Last night as a single gal   
09:50pm 27/11/2009
  Well today was the dress rehersal and rehersal dinner. Despite being pulled in twenty directions and trying to keep calm everything went well. Then we all went back to David's parents house for the dinner. Everyone had a good time and all the wedding party enjoyed their gifts. David got me a authentic panting by Thomas kinkade and i got him a glass cube with his name and master of science title.

In some ways i wish I could fast foward this wedding to the end so that I can get all of the hard parts out of the way. Then i wish i could rewind it and do it again slow and enjoy all of the good parts because unlike christmas or my birthday, This is a one time thing.I won't get this again and that is a little sad so i want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

I'm nervouse about standing up there with all of those people staring at me but hearing David saying his practice vows and the way he looked at me...i knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I love him with my heart and soul.

so tonight is my last night as Laura Leanne Alost

Tomorow I will be Mrs Lara Alost Perrin.

Well I have to go get in the shower and get myself all beutified for tomorow!

Wish me luck!

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Are you scared yet?   
09:32pm 22/11/2009
  In just a few days i will be married and everyone keeps asking me Are you nervouse? Are you scared? First of all quit asking me that people cause if you keep it up i'm gonna get scared! LOL But no I'm not nervouse or scared. Well I might be a little bit nervouse on walking down the aisle, One night to practice doesnt seem like a lot of time to get my feet to walk to the beat of the music. Plus i'm worried on how i will smile. I'm not good at good smiles. But I do love David and will face a 100 people turning and gawking at me to be with him for the rest of my life.

All the wedding prep has been done, i had my bachorlette night last saturday, We went to BJ's then went to see A christmas carol. The food was good but the service was off, and the movie was really good in 3D But extreamly scary for a Disney Movie. And the Gohst of Christmas past was very gay.

Work has been going ok, I have two new kids in my class so its been fun. Two teachers have been out so we have been a little shorthanded but not too bad. I have no Idea what Ms Louann is gonna do when i'm gone But i dont really care.

not much else other than that.

Oh i got a little black dress the other night. What does everyone think?

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Stuff. It's been happing   
10:49am 18/10/2009
  Greetings folks

Well first off I got my hair straigthend for a year and dyed a dark brown/ red. It looks good and I feel pretty, which is a rare thing for me.

Don't know if i ever posted about our anniversary but we did go and see the movie 9. It was ok but the previews made it look a lot better than it was. I got david a electric neck massager and two fridge magnets. He got me a diamond heart pendant and sent me roses to my work. i've always wanted flowers sent to work, so romantic. Then that weekend we went to eat at Olive Garden and I had a sexy sexy dress. I hope to put up pics soon. need a better camera lol.

Work has been going, we had our healh and saftey inspection, and licsing came by. *gritts teeth* I know that its my job to keep my kids safe, happy, and somewhat educated. And i know that there are daycares out there who do not need to be wathcing kids. But sometimes they get riducoulus with the rules. Can someone tell me how i'm going to prevent a toddler from tripping over her own feet, in her crib, and from bitting her tounge? They say that we have a day coming up where licinsing comes and stays ALL FUCKING DAY. Yeah i plan on being sick that day.

The big day is getting closer and closer. We have just about everything done and we go next weekend to talk to lynhaven about last minuet details. I got my dress fitted, David has all of the groomsmen, the invitations are starting to be stuffed and sent out, and we have our honeymoon booked. Goin to Las Vegas baby!

Well thats it for now.

Oh saw Zombieland last night. VERY FUNNY!

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happy anniversary!   
09:03pm 09/09/2009
  three years with the man who owns my heart.  
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08:37pm 07/09/2009
  it's been a while so let me think were did i leave off?

The house has been going good, Little by little i'm managing to get it unpacked and straigtend. The only two bad things are that we don't plan to be in here for more than 2 years, so it's like why bother making it nice enough to have family over for dinner? But at the same time i'm tired of waiting year after year to decorate my home. So i'm doing a little bit but not going crazy. The other bad thing is that we can't have a dog. Our landlord said no more pets. I'm very upset by that cause i've wanted a dog for a VERY LONG TIME and shit always happens. But David promises me that when we get our own place, I can get what ever I want. i'm still skeptical about it.

i had my bridal shower a few weeks ago and it was awsome, we got a lot of good gifts including, a rice maker, a comforter for our bed, a food saver, and two aprons that i wore for david.  plus some gift cards.  We registared at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I registard us at Walmart and Target. People have been bitching that all we put down at WM and Target are games and movies but i don't think that's true.

I've got my wedding band orderd and we have a dj. Now we have to make a program for the church, and have a make up fight for Pastor Schmeding. Plus we still have to talk to some of the groomsmen, or really david has to talk to them and we still have to talk to the photographer.

This wedsnday is David and I's 3rd year anniversary, I am soooo happy to be with him, i love him soo much. I think we are going to the movies to see 9.

well that's it for now i'm gonna go add more shit to walmart.

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elephants are dancing above me   
09:29pm 31/05/2009
mood: cheerful
no i am not drunk, our neighbors above us are very noisey with thumpings and bumpings. It's getting to be very annoying.

In other news David and I finally have a house! For those of you who live in Baton Rouge, it's a little ways down on nickleson.  It's one story, three bedrooom and two bath and a nice backyard. And it's a pretty light sky blue colour. I love it and can not wait to move in. We are renting it because David wants us to save up for a house and with all the wedding stuff and loans to pay off buying a house right now isn't a good idea. But we are running out of room in our apt and our leasing manager is a bitch so that is why we decided to rent.
We move in sometime at the end of june/begining of july. The day that we move anyone who can help i promise you beer .
i can't wait to get in and decorate it and have it looking nice and whatnot.

Wedding stuff has been going good, everyone tells me that November will be here before i know it but it's still May. lol the time has been going slowly. We have gotten a lot of stuff done but still have a lot of stuff left to do. Today Mom and i got our save the date cards orderd and hoping to send those out next week. Then hoping to go and get invitations done.  I'm very excited and have been enjoying every moment of the engagement but sometimes i feel like its not me getting married. i guess its like when you turn a year older you dont really really feel it but you are happy happy all the same. i love David with all my heart and i know in my soul I want to be with him for the rest of my life.

well not much else is going on, work has been ok, we are getting ready to kick into summer camp so that means, pool days, water slides, bouncy houses, pony and train rides ect. Ive been told that my class wont be doing much of that stuff cause they are too little.

ok thats enough for now
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I'm in a bear suit   
06:24am 24/04/2009
  Well it's been awhile so let me update a bit

I never got around to posting this but on March 13 a good friend of mine died. My Buddy/BigBrother/partner in crime Rubert had a heart attack. I didn't find out about till weeks later when I called his house. i had just found his number and was going to tell him i was getting married, when his dad gave me the news. What really hurts is now when I want to call him and realize i cant anymore. It's like a thorn in my heart and stomache that keeps pricking me. The same thing happens when I think of Randall or my cousin James. i still come close to asking my family "So are James and Keon coming for christmas?" 

Ok enough sadness onto other happier things

David's brother Travis and his wife Lauren had their little baby boy on April 9. His name is Louis and very cute.

During Easter break me, David, and Brendan all drove up to Yellowstone because Brendan is working there for the summer. It was a lot fun and the countryside is beautiful. Didn't see any bears or wolves but did see a lot of other neat stuff. i took a lot of pictures and hope to post some of them on myspace or facebook soon.

We finally booked a place for the big day. It's lynhaven in hamond and it will be outside from 4-8 I sent them the deposit check and next saturday David and I get to go sign our contract. it feels really good to have that out of the way.

On the 9th we are going to have a crawfish boil/engagement party at his parents house and that should be fun.

Well work has been somewhat ok, a lot of teachers are out on holiday so i've been having to work a bit longer but its ok. Got a new baby in my room and already my kids are eyeing him like "OO fresh meat!"

well at least today is friday

got to go

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something borrowed something blue   
07:13pm 02/04/2009
  Tonight we are going to David's Boss's house for a dinner so i get to practice being a good little wife. But while i'm waiting i guess i'll update a bit.

wedding planing has been going good in some ways and stressfull in others. We decided to get married November 28,2009 because of several reasons.

1. Davids sister Brendan is going to Ranger school in North Carolina (first she's going to Yellowstone for a summer job) and she doesnt get done til mid November and she is one of my bridesmaids.

2. I have three weeks when i take my birthcontrol pill and one week that i dont, normally i have my period that week. So i checked my calander and counted off all the possible times we could get married. The 28th  is one of those times

3. David wants to get married outside so that leaves us the fall or the spring. it will be to hot in the summer and i think too hectic and too cold for december or january.

Like i said somethings are going good, i have my dress on its way and i got my shoes. Last Saturday Mom, grandma, aunt beth, Brendan, kasey, and Kim all went and got the bridesmaids dresses out of the way. I am soo happy!

Our problems have been finding a place to hold the cermony and reception. Like I said David wants it outside and i have no problems with this but i want a place that if it rains it can be moved inside. If it rained the day before and the grass is wet it can be moved inside. and if the day is going and its getting cold people can feel free to mingle inside and outside. So far we havent been lucky but we are going to a place in hamond saturday so fingers crossed!

Even though i cant wait to say "I do" and spend the rest of my life with the one who owns my soul and heart i am enjoying this engagement as much as i can. I am also practicing to be a good wife but somethings take me longer than others.

Work has been....frustrating but i will bitch about that later David is on his way home.

well see everyone later!
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my spaggettioes are trying to scare me   
06:20pm 24/03/2009
  spookyCollapse )
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09:55am 22/03/2009
I have been told that

This Hair cutCollapse )

makes me look like Betty Page.

Does anyone else agree?
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09:33pm 16/03/2009

happy day picturesCollapse )
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Oh happy day the whole story   
10:20pm 12/03/2009
mood: loved
I've keep meaning to post the details from sunday but the inernet has been a bitch lately.

Anyways Sunday David and I went to the Barns and Noble were we met because monday was our 21/2 year anniversary. We got there had some tea cause David gave up coffee for lent. While we were drinking Shima a coworker/friend of Davids showed up and said hi for a moment (this comes into play later)

When we got done with the tea David asked me if i was ready to go. I said i wanted to check on a few books coming in then we could go. See he kept acting like we were in a hurry and i thought that he was planning to take me to the movies and we had to be there soon. He had mentioned that Dinner was coverd.

Well he brought me over to the kids section to show me a patchwork elephant (i like elephants) and then started kissing me. He said "You know I love you right?" then two seconds later he knelt down with tears in his eyes and pulled out a box with a ring in it and said "will you marry me?" i was sooo shocked and surpised. it's one thing to daydream about a moment like this but its another thing to actually experiance it. I had thought that it was a possibilty that he might propose but i wasn't expecting it. My mind was in a happy happy mush state and all i could do was nod my head. I hugged him so tight because i wanted to block out the world and just enjoy being with him and savor the moment.

When i looked around to see who saw i saw shima standing there taking picutres and then my mom and james popped out, taking pictures as well

Turns out David had organized mom james and shima coming to hide and take pictures when he proposed. We got some great ones though no one got him kneeling down. It's ok love i'll never forget it.

We went breifly home then to moms and everyone came over to celebrate.

I love David with all my heart and am soooo happy to saying yes to spending the rest of my life with him.
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Oh Happy Day   
05:03pm 08/03/2009
mood: loved
David asked me to marry him and i said yes.  I am so happy and so excited

more details later

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